Friday, November 24, 2006

Our little trooper

I just want to start off by thanking everyone for their prayers, well wishes, and phone calls (even though we don't really answer them, we get your messages and really appreciate them). It's been so wonderful to know you're all (even people we've never met) following along with us. So, the latest update. Quinn went in for surgery this morning around 9:30 and came out around 5p. He made it through his surgeries very strong and allowed the doctors to fix everything they had wanted to fix which was actually more then they thought they would be able to. The doctors detached his stomach from his trachea which means that bile is not longer flowing into his lungs. They attached the esophagus to the stomach the way it's supposed to be. They were even able to go down and fix his intestine, which actually turned out to be a bit different then they first thought. When they got down to his intestine what they found was the pancreas had wrapped around part to the intestine and was squeezing it. So they severed the intestine to remove it from the intestine and reattached it to itself. SO long story short, he has one direct pathway from top to bottom (literally). It's kind of cool, the doctors have told us that there are a couple of patients in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with one or two of Quinn's problems, but there is no one else with all of them so they find him very interesting. Regardless, I'm so proud of him, he pulled through as well as we could have hoped for. Keep up the prayers though, the doctors have explained the the next couple of days could be as challenging as the surgeries themselves. This is because they were able to do so much and change so much Quinn might need a little help adjusting at first. We'll try to update this anytime something new happens so check back when you have a chance.


Karra said...

You and Dan are so strong Stephie. I love you and am praying for all of you. Quinn is a product of the Pantalone and Marshall genes, so this little guy is one of the toughest "Spiritual Warriors" (as Sarah would like to call him) in this world, and I strongly feel everything will go well for all of you. It will be a matter of time and patients. I love you guys, I know it wont be for a while, but I am so eager to meet him and see you.


Gordon Arzu said...

Hola Steph and Dan, I sent an email to all the people we met in Haifa requesting prayers for little Quinn. I hope you guys are doing well. Steph Im very happy that you got to hold the little man, i bet you he need it that to feel better.
We are praying for Quinn and for you guys, everything is going to be just fine.
your brother in law Gordon