Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Looking good

I asked Steph to have a crack at updating this. And she asked me with what. That's gotta be her way of still wanting me to update everyone. From a productivity standpoint, Quinn has successfully had two needles inserted into his veins, one in each arm. That is great news for the little guy. Now he can relax for a bit and have a break from the IV team visits.

Mom got to hold him today!!! But I wasn't around to take a picture. We also saw him smile twice. I've been in and out trying to get things squared at work. I'm lucky to have landed with a company that is allowing me the leeway to be with my family so much and still pay me in my absence. I've already depleted my three weeks of paid vacation for the year.

X ray team visiting.

For those of you checking this site a million times a day, I'm sorry it doesn't get updated as often as that. Right now things are relaxed. We met his primary cardiologist today, Dr. Marshall. Oddly, Quinn has now had a doctor named Daniel, a Dr. Lee, and now a Dr. Marshall. The doctors are still deciding when to operate on his heart. Normally doctors like to give the kid a few weeks or months to grow. However, some of the things his heart has shown are indicative of needing it repaired sooner rather than waiting.

I appreciate the things people are saying to us, and the phone messages with constant support. If I need anything, I'll have no shortage of people to turn to. Very humbling. Steph and I check this often and enjoy all the comments. Thank you. My son will be fine.


Jess said...

I'm glad to hear that things are so positive, and that Steph got to hold her little man! You definitely have a lot of people in your corner, so just say the word and we'll get you whatever you need. Give me a call sometime when things settle down.

Karra said...

Stephie, I'm so happy you were able to hold Quinn! I'm sure it was one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. You are such a great momma, and he is beautiful! You and Dan do such a great job providing him with support and love.

Pop and Kim said...

FINALLY you get to hold Quinn. Our prayers are being answered. We can't wait to hold him and hear him and look at him. You folks are pretty special.
You have proven to be a loving man with strength of character and a sense of humor. Let us know when the heart surgery is scheduled for. Love from us here. We admire all three of you for how you have handled this trying ordeal. Love you much.
Kim and Pop.

Abby said...

Steph and Dan,
I noticed in the pictures that his vent is gone, does that mean that you finally got to hear him cry? You may also be able to bring in other pacifiers for him to use because if he gets addicted to the green hospital ones, they can be hard to find when you are at home. I think Babies R Us just started carrying some though. He looks so big in his pictures, then you see the picture of him next to Dan's hand and realize how small he really is. You guys are doing great, this baby couldn't ask for more.

Abby said...

oops just read the previous post just a little slow here. I just got excited. abby

Anonymous said...

Steph and Dan,

We are so happy to hear that you got to hold baby Quinn! He is the cutest baby! Love the picture of him yawning - so cute. Quinn is such a beautiful baby. Steph if you need me to do anything - do some laundry lol, whatever don't hesitate to give me a call. Clay's office is in Boston so I can easily have him swing by and help out in any way. All the best.

Much love,


Lily's Mommy said...

Quinn looks so much more content in this latest set of pictures - must be from finally being in his mama's arms. What a wonderful moment for you!!

PS. Not that you need to worry about this for awhile, but Target & Babies R Us both carry those pacis. They are the only ones Lily uses! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finally getting to hold the little one. He is adorable. He looks like a strong little man. I continue to wish you luck with him and hope that he comes through with flying colors.


Great Grand Dad Paul said...

Hi, Quinn, this is your great grand Dad. Little Boy. am I proud of you. You surely have proven to the world that life is precious. Your fight for life just has to be a greatest goal for the rest of us. We all have just a small idea of how much you are struggling but your struggling has set an example for all of us close to you to make our lives count more in all that we do.

I had a birthday yesterday, Eighty-two years of life , only a little of it has really been a struggle, but I would have given you at least half of it if I could so that you could share some of what is left for me to share with you.

You are the best example of the value of life for all of us. and we are going to see you through all of this and at least I will have a little bit of time to get to know you.

I am reserving a big rock for you at Swan Lake and will be there to see you and your wonderful Dad, and Mom, and all of you uncles and aunts jump off that rock which has become a part of our famly. And I will jump with you.

Dan and Stephanie, my admiraton for both of you holds no bounds.You have exhibited the utmost in love and strength through all of this. And, I know you will not give up. How proud I am to have you as a part of my family.