Sunday, November 26, 2006

Interesting enough

I'm sitting with Quinn earlier today, and just like nothing, he calmly opened his eyes and started looking around. I know parents tend to get excited about the smallest thing their child does, but I haven't seen his eyes since the first moments after he was born. He's still sedated and has spent the last few days with his eyes shut. So I quick drew my camera. His eyes are blue so far. They put another IV into a vein on his forehead, the poor guy.

Well, put a fork in me. So far dads the big cry baby. When Quinn wants to cry, he'll make the angry faces but no sound will come out because of the tube down his throat. So he eventually gives up.

Man that's gotta suck! I use to always wonder how I'd handle a baby crying. Now it's all I want to hear. I'm not going to hold back when it comes to putting pictures up because as of yesterday, even grandparents are no longer allowed into the IC unit until further notice. This is due to a threat of a recent respiratory viral infection brought into the nursery. So this blog is the only way that friends and family can see him. I have no problem being obligatory.
Hey dad, does this face look familiar to you?

Steph and I got a visit from a nice group of friends and family today, and as was evident, we are all in good spirits. Quinn continues to show his doctors and examiners that he's coming along fine. And while I'm so thankful for what these doctors can do for him, I can't wait for this part of his life to be over.


Pop said...


Pop here. I cry when I look at Quinn, but I know in my heart that he will be alright. I am vry thankful that you take all these pictures. You and Steph are truely remarkable in the way you have handled this whole thing. I love the three of you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
Keep up with the good spirits, that's what will get your little boy through all of this. And by the way, he is so so so cute. I didn't expect to see a little Marshall. But he is so YOU, but smaller. And even though things haven't gone as planned, I can definitely see a difference in you from one day being just a regular guy to the next day being a dad. It's wonderful isn't it! ~Tiffani

Mary Cherry said...

Dear Steph and Dan,

Quinn is a beautiful baby. He is so round and looks so soft! What a dear little face. I am so thankful to be able to get updates on how all of you are doing, and love the pictures.

I am praying for all of you. We all know that miracles happen every day. Quinn is proof of that and will continue to show us all how God works!

With love to all of you,
Mrs. Cherry

Karra said...

Pea Wea and Danny Boy, thank you so much for continuing to keep us all updated with Quinn and including pictures. Everyone down here in MD are saying prayers and sending strenght.
Love you,

j.w.cohen said...

Kelly, Lily's mom, direct us to your story. With our second child on the way, Quinn has reawakened those tender nerves within me that only come out once in a very long while. Good luck to Quinn, and his parents.

Meghan said...

Hi Steph and Dan! This is Sarah's friend Meghan. I just wanted to say what a beautiful baby boy you have! Quinn is obviously a child that we will all have to watch... great things are in his destiny! My love and prayers go out to you all! Thank you for the blog.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, Dan and Baby Quinn,

May God reign down his blessings on all of you. We will keep you in our prayers. And we will let our prayer chain know so they can be praying around the world.

David, Celeste and Nina from Atlanta

pop said...

Pop Here.
Just got the news that Quinn is moving to Boston tonight. Kim and my thoughts and prayers are with the three of you. Let as know as soon as you can what the schedule looks like as we plan on being in Boston for the surgery.

All our love,

Pop and Kim

Dan's Dad said...

To All,

I'm sure Dan and Steph will update you all as soon as they can. Dan called and said that they have decided to move Quinn to Boston tonight. It seems that every time they try to reduce the morphine level they are giving Quinn, he stresses quite a bit and his oxygen level in his blood drops. The doctors have decided to get him near the heart specialists before going any further.
Dan and Steph..forgive me if I'm jumping the gun on this one but I know you are both busy getting ready to go to Boston and I wanted all the thoughts and prayers we could muster from everyone at this time.

Love you so much,