Saturday, November 25, 2006

Post op pics

These pictures may look a little disturbing to anyone who has never seen a baby so young on the surviving end of a few major surgical procedures. Quinn seemed to surprise everyone today with what a cool customer he was throughout these high risk surgeries. No matter what happens going forward, I will be forever impressed with him just for the odds alone that he faced and the manner in which the doctors called miraculous.
He may not look like a happy camper, but take a look at all the tubes invading his little body, the tape that's contorting his handsome face, the incisions, and tell me who would be.

Back when I first got news from Steph that she was pregnant, I spent a lot of time imagining things and wondering what the future was going to be like. None of this was ever something that crossed my mind. I think it's kind of rare for a father to spend the first night of his sons life alone with him. Life slows down at night when there's no one else but he and I and I get a lot of uninterrupted time to think. I'm not home changing his diapers or waking up at night from baby cries. I just hang out for hours and hours looking at him and watch him breathe and fidget about on occasion. I find myself saying prayers while I watch Quinn sleep all doped up on morphine, and I realize and accept that I'm just another guy saying prayers only when I'm in need. But the time spent hanging by his side, where the two of you have no where else to be and nothing better to do. I pray all I want.

I have this little camera with me and I'm taking a ton of pictures and videos. It's a little tough to talk to him, but I say things. I'm not exactly new at it since Steph insisted I addressed him directly while he was still in the womb. Now I'm just looking at his face instead of my wife's belly. He is interactive to a degree. He grips things.

And he makes plenty of faces that make me laugh. Steph and I are sort of taking shifts being with him at night. This was mom during a turnover.

Steph only ever wears makeup for what she considers special occasions. So far Quinn has got us on Channel 10 news, and an article with pictures in the Providence Journal. I think it's funny that she's always wearing my T-shirts with no makeup and winds up being interviewed on TV that way. It was more because of our situation during Thanksgiving that we got publicity.

There's a few reasons for all my sudden talkativeness and activity on this blog. I never realized how many people look at this, I'm tired but can't sleep, and Quinn has kind of turbo charged my passion for life. And since Quinn has no say in what pictures I reveal to the world, here's one for good measure. He can get me back later.

It takes a face like that to redefine every priority I have in life. I can't help but laugh in the midst of fighting back tears. To those of you who know me well, it wasn't long ago that I thought a miracle was something like the patriots winning that first superbowl or the Sox coming back against the Yanks to win the pennant. Ask me now and I'll be singin you a different tune.


Melissa (Hobbs) Petersen said...

You guys are so amazing! He is beautiful, thanks for sharing so much with everyone. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Dan & Steph, you are doing such an incredible job! Thank you for keeping us updated. Quinn, you are already showing what an amazing little boy you are!

If anyone's interested, here's the link to the article in the Providence Journal:

We are thinking of all three of you - hang in there.

Kelly & Shawn

Karra said...

Again, you two are so strong and doing a wonderful job in supporting one another. I know having time to be just the 3 of you is critical, so keep doing what you are doing and know everyone else is praying for you. Kelly and Shawn, thank you for the link to the article.

I love you,

Jess said...

Dan, I've known you for god knows how long and yet, you continue to surprise and amaze me at every turn. You have a poetic soul and a capacity for love that is rare. I can see why Steph loves you so much. You two are so strong and will come through this with flying colors. I have this theory that kids choose the parents that will help them the most in life and I know that Quinn has picked the best parents. My heart is with you and I can't wait to meet him!
Love, jess

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, Dan and baby Quinn,

You are in our thoughts and prayers - we know that baby Quinn is going to get through this. He's so lucky to have you two as his parents. He's beautiful! I am amazed at your strenghth and know that these hard times will pass. We look forward to meeting Quinn.


Suzanne and Clay

scott and lisa bates said...

Lisa and I have been thinking about you three since we heard of Quinn's birth. We send our prayers, love and best wishes. We'll see the three of you soon.
Scott and Lisa Bates

AndreaMarieR said...

Steph, Dan & Quinn, you are in our thoughts and I am so happy to read the surgeries went well. He is quite the cute little baby! Thank you for taking the time to put the updates on the website. I look forward to seeing you all soon, Andrea & Chris

Anonymous said...

You need to open up your blog so we can see the pregnancy from the beginning, or atleast the middle. I'm showing people... Stacy!