Tuesday, November 21, 2006

He's here!!! And WOW!


He's not here. Thats cousin Mary from a year ago. Sorry, it's just me messing with you all and this opportunity seemed to irresistible. I know that's evil, but that's how I roll with friends and family. However, I've spent much time recording times and lengths of Stephs contractions. They seem pretty hard and long. Then after several hours, they decrease in intensity and intervals. The kid has us all guessing, even the Doc. I even took a day off of work already because we thought it might be "time". But we thought wrong. So he's teaching us patience already.
Maybe I shouldn't be admitting this on here, but I wonder if the average man learns as much as I have during their wives pregnancy. Guys don't ever talk about what they don't know. That's how we try to sound smart. Every day seems to be some sort of lesson about the female body. From anatomy to hormonal tendencies. Very interesting stuff, but not typically the common topic for conversation. I could be better at this guessing game if I knew more. Even my buddies who have children. I wonder if they learned a lot during their woman's pregnancy or if it's just me who feels so ill informed. I know I don't feel obligated to talk about my wife's pregnancy to any of my buddies who haven't gone through this experience. I'd probably be right in assuming that they wouldn't care for the details. TMI. I've had only one friend who would even attempt to fill me in on the details of pregnancy. And it took ten years of knowing her and my own wife being pregnant for us to even engage in those conversations. And whats more, she seemed amused at how little I knew. At any rate, I thought I'd post for everyone that Steph is having contractions and the baby is getting periodically squished but nothing else seems to be changing.

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