Friday, April 27, 2007

Heart monitors and play dates

I forgot to mention in my last post that Quinn's heart rate was being recorded for the last 24 hours. During our trip to Boston the doctors found out that there was quite a bit of time when Quinn's heart was dropping every other beat. So, our cardiologist sent us home with a nifty little monitor so all the doctors can get a real sense of what Quinn's heart is doing while he's home.

"Monitors my heart and makes a good toy. How great can this be."

I have a friend Katie who had a baby about 3 weeks after I had Quinn. I met her through my older sister who was taking yoga classes from her. Once she and I were too pregnant to do regular yoga, she started a yoga class for pregnant women. Which I took and we've been friends ever since. Her son Robinson and Quinn have had a couple of play dates (IE., Katie and I get together and have fun). Today was the first day they were actually awake at the same time, so I of course got pictures. My mom stopped by for a minute, so she's in a bunch of them as well.

"Grandma, your so funny."

"I am too cute for words."

"Who are you again????"

"I guess you're alright."

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Dad said...

Hi honey. He looks to have put on wieght even in the short time I've been gone, and he looks very playful. I'm so looking forward to seeing you guys again.

pop said...


When are you coming home?


Dad said...

Word has it that I'll be flying home on the 4th. This friday. But, anybody so much farts improperly and the schedule changes. Just ask my wife.

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

Quinn you are so darn cute and growing up. I love the smile with the monitor on him. He looks like he is all boy.

GoQuinnGo! said...

Uncle Joe says, "Only Quinn could look so happy all plugged-in like that."