Friday, April 20, 2007

Internet access!

So you pay the hotel this ungodly amount of money for internet access, and a timer starts to show how much time remains until you lose service. I don't have my wife's email address, because I've never emailed her. So I'll just post on here for the world to see. Hola mi esposa! Those pics are fantastic. And the videos make me utterly homesick. As my dad said, having pictures and posts about my little family while I'm away is too good for words. We're working our tails off, more so than any other deployments I've been on. The places are remote. Thankfully, our local escorts are always willing to help with the heavy stuff. I didn't expect this much travel by foot. I'm turning 30 today but right now I feel like 90. I got the mean farmers tan going again, and buying new boots the day before I left was a bad idea. This isn't the time to be breaking them in. Other than the constant heat, this place is exotic. I won't get into details here, but I will have plenty of stories and cool pictures when I return. I love you and thank you for updating this. It's fantastic seeing mi chico pequeño.

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Pop said...

Happy Birthday Dan. Remember when anyone in their 30s was old???? Welcome to the club.
Stay safe Dan. Love you.