Saturday, April 21, 2007


It's about time the weather here turned nice. Quinn and I have been taking long walks the past couple of days. He really loves them and hopefully I can work off some of my baby fat. Too bad I can't donate a couple pounds of it to Quinn. He'd be all set ;o). It's been really nice and he sleeps a little more the days we go for walks.

He also relaxes a little more. He decided today was a day for lounging. It was very sweet. I'd love to tell you how much he weighs right now, but it's been almost two weeks since he was weighed. The nurse is coming some time this week, so I can update you then. I think his face is getting pudgier.

Take care of yourselves. More tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Dear Steph,

How wonderful that you and Quinn have been out walking. It IS wonderful to finally hae nice weather. What fun to introduce Quinn to all of the wonderful new delights of Spring.

I love finding a new entry from you and the pictures are just wonderful. Thank you for making the effort. It's great.

Thinking of you with love,
Mrs. Cherry

Anonymous said...

Isn't he handsome or isn't he handsome?! Yeah!!

Love these pictures esp. since I can't see any close-up of the ones on snapfish!

Steph, give a hug and a kiss to Quinn for me, will ya?

Miss you,
Aunt Nik