Friday, December 08, 2006

Action shots

With enough sedation to halt a rhino, the mighty Quinn, courageously raises a clenched fist. Inspiring his onlookers. Signifying his radical defiance to the limits of little baby endurance.

Well, I would say his story is dramatic enough without needing the movie trailer voice. Less than two days from having his chest open and his walnut sized heart operated on, and he's already been moving. He has also opened his eyes a few times, just not when I hold the camera up. The doctors will keep him very sedated while he recovers over the next few days. I know the recent pictures I've posted might be a little hard to take for some people. I spend the day beside him while he constantly reassures me he is still with it. Without that, I would surely have a hard time seeing a baby so young in such a predicament. At a glance he doesn't look so great, but as someone who knows him better than the rest of the world, I assure all of you he is doing alright and steadily progressing. The pictures will get better with each day as his heart keeps pumping away.

Doctors and nurses do what they can to keep Steph and I optimistic, but no one has kept my spirits up more than hanging with Quinn. Admittedly, I have already staked a lot of pride in him. I can't say enough about this little man and how he's been the one teaching me to be calm with his inner fortitude. I feel so bad for the kids I see around here that have parents who flip out and break down. Or let fear and worry translate into belligerency with the kind and knowledgeable staff.

Many of you have been stating all along that we will come out of this with flying colors. I agree and I've believed that from day one. To those of you worrying , I'd say you have just have to meet him to share my optimism. Right honey? Zzzzzz...

This is how I encourage her to post on here.


Uncle Joe "GoQuinnGo" said...

A doctor staggers out into the family area with a black eye and broken glasses:

"Mr. Quinn's Fasha, Why didn't you t...tell us your k...kid knew Kung F... F... F'ing Fu?"

Anonymous said...

Hey ya'll! This is Nina from Georgia peeping in to say hi to my family and see how the champ is doing. I admire Dan and Steph's strength through this and can't wait to see you guys!