Friday, December 08, 2006

Hey tough guy

As soon as I finished typing the last post, I looked over and found him just laying there looking at me like he's been waiting to see me do something. And of course, dad forgets to turn the bleepin' flash off. Great to see ya old buddy. You look like a million bucks. Keep resting. Wahooo!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, he is SO ADORABLE! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing these new pictures! Just look at those eyes - there is so much life in them! I feel so energized now, so hopeful! I love you Quinn!!!

Aunt Kristin

Robin said...

Hi Dan: Thank you sooooo much for your continual updates!!! They mean so much to those of us who can't be with you! We sort of feel connected by being able to watch what's happening moment by moment. Thank you from all of us!!! Give Steph a big hug from me, okay? Love, Robin

Uncle Joe "GoQuinnGo" said...

Aparently, after all the surgeries and procedures were accomplished, the only disability Quinn faced was blindness...

I think I'll install Krieg Lights in the bathrooms at Quinns house so that when someone (Dad) goes to the lav at night, he blows his retinas into next year.

Bettter yet, I'll give little Quinn a toy camera with a real 800,000,000 candela flash bulb on top to take pretend pics of Dad the moment he wakes up.

Larry King said...

LK: Hello audience, Larry King here with the infamous Mighty Quinn. He's been gracious enough to take some time and sit in on this interview. He's an extraordinary guy with an amazing story, and he's a personal hero of just about everyone who has heard of him. Quinn, I'm going to get right into it. You are pretty strong, what do you attribute that to?

Q: Well Larry, I'd first like to thank you for having me on tonight. I know my fans appreciate it... Hi mom. Ummm... My strength... Well, it is the result of an intense workout regiment I follow as laid out by my Dad's best friend Marsh. They've been friends since 3rd grade, so I call him Uncle. He's buff. Right now I'm squatting 600. I've been known to tear a bib off just by flexing my neck. Uncle Marsh showed me how he does it with a waist belt in a buffet line.

LK: No doubt incredible to watch. You're a handsome guy... Seems impossible given your father, so where does it come from?

Q: My mom's pretty just like the rest of her sisters, but I've got some exotic lineage pooled together with an amazing personality. Can't help but look good. I noticed my Uncle Joe is in the same boat. Problem I'm facing is if I look real good, not so sure if my Auntie Melihna will care much for that. She looks at the other end of the spectrum when picking guys to date.

LK: Going back to what you touched on... Your Uncle Joe is a handsome man. You both have impeccable tastes. What designers are you wearing?

Q: Right now I've been sporting a fantastic line from designer Ban Daid. Their stuff covers just the right way and breaths pretty well. Can't forget Mnsr. Babwa-blaunket. A Euro' who works often in White with blue and red striping. Every hospital seems to use him and I can see why. He's what's "in" right now. I'm wearing Babwa-blaunket right now. Plus I'm using the same hairstylist right now as my Uncle Joe.

LK: *sips coffee then leans forward* You are a 3 time Gold medalist in Tae Kwon Do and Jujitsu. A pit fighting Kung Fu master. Current Kumatai champion and UFC title holder. Where did you learn your skill?

Q: My Dad's mother, we call her Master Nohno, is flawless in her technique. She has mastered mind-over-matter and can even drive a car without looking. It allows her to concentrate on other things like applying makeup. Sometimes she waits to light the gas oven till a fireball takes away her eyebrows. That kind of control takes focus. Plus my Grandma Barbra can heat a pan to extreme melting temperatures and burn the counter. It's a form of Ki energy and allows her to strike when least expected. From these two I watch and learn. Every now and then my Aunt Kristin takes me shopping at a garment sale and I learn a new move or two.

LK: Your success has made you very popular. Any political aspirations?

Q: Bob Dylan wrote a song about me, a female Doctor stole my name for her frontier styled medicine show. The ladies around this hospital, especially the ones on the IV teams can't seem to keep their hands off me. I guess I am popular but I don't know if that necessarily translates into political success. However, the current President and I do share the exact same verbal skills. I notice I sound a lot more like him when I'm on the morphine.

LK: You have been there and done that young man. What's next for Mighty Quinn?

Q: I was going to take skiing lessons from my Grand Pops Al, but I've heard he can send a kid crashing into a signpost on a wide-open slope. Plus, don't even try to get his attention if you're injured and bound on a sled. My Dad suggested I learn some grape-eating technique from my Uncle Tony. Not sure about that one either because I already drive better than he does. Pretty much that leaves hunting deer with my Mom. She's brutally effective at it.

LK: Quinn... Thank you, a pleasure to have you here.

Q: Larry, you're not the only one who thinks that.

Grandpa Al said...

Well!!!!!!! Good Morning Champ!!


Barbara said...

Haven't checked the blog for quite a few days. Good job, Quinn, on breastfeeding (wow, Steph!), and making it through surgery!!! I haven't met your dad, but boy is he in your corner!
And just when I'm ready to cry over your plight (and your entire family's), someone goes and does the Larry King bit. OH, how I laughed!! You are obviously part of a very loving and fun-filled family, Quinn. Good pick!
P.S. Those cc cookies freeze well (but I'll still make a fresh batch for Quinn one day).
Thanks for sharing and being such an inspiriation as a family.
Barb Rice (Jess' step-mom)

Anonymous said...

Quinn, you're a real trooper, that's for sure and I hope later on when you're old enough to see what's happened to you it will make you even stronger. Right now, though, I think the people mightier than a redwood are your mom and dad. Their ability to wade through this thing and articulate it all so beautifully for the rest of us is nothing short of amazing, and tears just spring to our eyes. We're with ya all the way Quinn, Dan and Steph.
Lou and Steve

Karra said...

I can't (but can) believe how handsome my nephew is!! Wow, look at those eyes! I can't wait to meet you Quinn, you are doing so well and are so strong. Keep the head high and keep mom and dad smiling. I love you. Dan, thanks for the updates and pictures. It kills me being so far away, but it definitely helps to see he is doing so well. How are you and Stephie doing? Where's the update on mom and dad?

Ok, Larry King was awesome! I can't figure out which Marshall related family member created it, but it was awesome. I miss the whole family.

Lots of love from MD,

GoQuinnGo said...

God, I can't get over how beautiful Quinn is. Someday I will hold him and tell him I love him.