Friday, December 08, 2006

Same nightly routine, different attitude

Quinn is still in stable condition and maintaining well. Overnight his face and body have become a bit more swollen as expected. He no longer fights off the IV teams, and doesn't seem to be bothered that they still can't get a line into the preferred spot on his arm and keep having to use his groin area.

I miss seeing the little mans personality and interactiveness, but watching him go through so much exhausting pain is something I don't miss at all. We all know a little something about our own tolerances for physical pain. But watching my infant son have to deal with it this frequently is something I hated every second of. Nonetheless I am very glad to be with him, even if I do feel useless. He is on a pace maker right now because the upper and lower chambers of his heart are not in perfect sync yet. He should come off of it after about a week.

In addition to keeping everyone up to date, I also put pictures on here for Quinn to look back on someday. Steph started this website to be the beginning of his baby scrapbook. He would have no recollection of the time when he was hooked up to all these machines. And maybe one day, when he's complaining about cleaning his room, I can show him a time when life was a bit tougher for him. Many have said these pictures put things into perspective, and I think they'll continue to do so in the future. Even for the little guy himself.
You survived this Quinn, before I ever taught you a thing about being tough. Whatever pressures life brings, don't doubt yourself and what you're capable of. I don't doubt you.


Pop said...


I'm so sorry you have to go through this. Better days ahead. Keep strong little man. You are and will be an inspiration to many. You are loved by people who only know you through this web site. You have an amazing dad and mom who are also loved. Your father is wise in that you should be able to look back on this when you are older and realize that you are tough, and loved, and that you have already toughed it through more than most of us go through in a life-time. Love you Quinn.


GoQuinnGo said...

I can't even tell where the tubes end and Quinn begins. Time cannot pass fast enough...