Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Holidays Everyone

Dan, Quinn, and I would like to wish everyone happy holidays and let everyone know how much their continued support means to us. We feel your love and support even from a distance. We love you all and thank you so much.

Dan and I got a wonderful Christmas gift (well a couple of wonderful Christmas gifts). Quinn came off of his IV nutrients today. Which is really exciting because it means 1) he's been tolerating his feeds very well (which I'll talk more about in a minute) and 2) he no longer has anything running through an IV constantly, which means we can disconnect (him except for his food) and take him out of our room. We are starting to be able to do things with Quinn that almost feel normal. It was wonderful, our first family walk!!!!!

(I can also hold him a lot more easily now that we are down to 5 lines running out of him :) )

OK, so back to the feeding issue. Many people have suggested that my diet may have something to do with Quinn's gas. I too asked this question. So, what we have done is switched him to formula for a couple of days 1) to see if it really is my milk he is reacting to and 2) if it is my milk, to give him a little break and to allow me to clear some foods from my system. He's been on formula for almost two days and Dan says that Quinn still cries as much and as forcefully as he did before. I'm still going to change my diet and see if that seems to make a difference when we start using my milk again in a day or two. We will let you know how this goes.

The next couple pictures are of all of Quinn's stuffed animals. It's amazing, Dan and I came here with nothing for Quinn and now look at his little audience of stuffed animals. Some of them were given to us by family, but most of them were given to us by perfect strangers. People do the most amazing things around the holidays. It's too bad this doesn't usually happen all year long, but it's wonderful that it happens at all.

(There's a little blue dog hiding under the blanket with Quinn as well)

Santa came to visit Quinn this morning, unfortunately I had just stepped out of our room and Dan was asleep so he took a Polaroid with Quinn and left it for us. Hopefully I can scan it someday and put it on the site. Several families who have had children with heart problems have given out gifts here and other families who have already left drop off food in lounge. It's such a tribute to human kindness still existing.

Lastly, I think we are finally getting the hang of soothing Quinn. This is one of the ways daddy does it. I just thought you would all enjoy this. OK, take care everyone.


Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays you guys! I've been readin your blog and chking for updates often. Glad to hear about Quinn's progress. I hope all is well, and I'm thinking I might make my way up there to see you guys some time next week. Best wishes to you three!


Pop said...

Great to see the family on an outing!! Quinn is getting stronger daily. Merry Christmas to the three of you. We will try to come up next Saturday if you guys can handle the company.

Love you,
Pop and Kim

kristin said...

We missed you guys so much yesterday, Christmas just wasn't the same without you there...

It's so great to see you looking more & more like a "normal family," if there is such a thing for us Marshalls. I can't wait until next year when we can have Quinn, Mary & Makaila all take their picture together with Santa!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Stephanie and Dan,
It is so great to see you holding Quinn. It's those great hugs and holding him close to your heart that are helping to heal him (as well as prayers and medical know how!). We thought about you yesterday and can't wait until we can celebrate Christmas with all of you!! Quinn looks beautiful !!!
Love, hugs and smooshy kisses,
Aunt Justine

Anonymous said...

Dan, I woke up your mom last night from her nap! I felt so bad...but she was OK with it! Always the big sister with the biggest heart, but then I don't have to tell you that! She said she was waiting to celebrate Christmas after Quinn comes home. That's good, 'cause I hope to be there also.

It's so good to see you all together up and around! Hope to see you all soon.

Keeping you in our prayers.
Love, the Dyers

Abby said...

That is great that you were able to go on a walk, but even better is that he is off the TPN! That is a huge step in the right direction. It looked so great to see you all out of your room, anybody talking about moving you out of the CICU? I know the doctors will move you to the floor when they think he is ready, I just got excited for you. Merry Christmas!
Abby and Ellie

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan and Steph,

It's so nice to see new pictures of you guys - I am so glad you all had a nice Christmas together. So great to hear all the progress with Quinn.

love - Suzanne

Lily's Mommy said...

Merry Christmas indeed! So happy to see it.
Much love,
Kelly & Shawn