Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Monday Quinn's heart surgeon came to check his heart a final time to see if it had any chance of self recovering. And for that day at least, Quinn declined to have another operation. To every one's surprise, his heart was self maintaining and he has been off of a pacemaker for two days now. Over that time his heart rhythm has improved to a normal rate.
Maybe Quinn could sense the overly familiar sensation of doctors looking down on him wanting to cut him open again, and forced his own heart to beat. I don't know.

As of today, scheduled surgery for a pacemaker is off the table, and the doctors are going to continue monitoring his heart. Every so often his heart will skip a beat, and when he gets angry his heart rate jumps around erratically. But so far he has taken the path of recovery. I'm doing my best not to get too excited. His heart still needs to improve to have a pacemaker completely out of the equation. I'm still waiting and hoping for the time when he can begin drinking all his mothers milk she's been saving for him.

Quinn now has the strength to thrash about pretty good when he cries. I find it hard to watch over long periods, because I can tell by his type of cries and body language that he is still in much pain. But it's the only exercise and release he gets. The upside is he wears himself out and sleeps pretty good.

I thought I'd take a video of him sleeping peacefully.

I can't deny how great it was hearing the news that Quinn has the ability to have a heartbeat of his own. One that is becoming more normal by the day. I'm trying to stay off the edge of my seat here, but Quinn loves to surprise. Steph remained hopeful all along that his heart would recover. But when his doctors kept telling me the probable reality was that his heart was too damaged to beat on it's own, I learned to accept it. Well son, you've got me back in a holding pattern. So good luck. What ever happens, better times are still on the way.


Jane said...

Dear Steph and Dan,
Hurrah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The prayers are working. You three are amazing people.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! Quinn continues to prove how strong he is...just like his parents.

For those of you who haven't seen it, check out www.GoQuinnGo.blogspot.com to cheer for Quinn! The prayers and well-wishes are working, so let's keep them going!!! Go Quinn Go!!!


Anonymous said...

You know Quinn, I was going to buy your Mom and Dad a new car, or even a house for Christmas, but not needing the pacemaker is just toooooooo much competition. I guess I'll just give them some socks or something. I must say, if you can pull this off it would be a wonderful Christmas gift for everyone, not to mention yourself. That will probably mean that you can start breast feeding before Christmas. Aaaaa, something to do with your mouth besides cry and hiccup. Now that I think of it, you probably haven’t even tried out the thumb yet. If I remember correctly, your mother preferred the right one. The left thumb was OK, but she really liked the right thumb.

Well, I’ll tell you more about your mom sometime, like when she fell head first onto the garage floor, or bounced her head off of the diving board at the Avery Point pool. But I’ll save those stories for later.

See you on Christmas Eve buddy.
Grandpa Dan

Karra said...

The mightiness of Might Quinn shines again! Good job Little Bean, keep the good surpises coming. I love you.
Aunt Karra

Pop said...

Well I'll Be!!!! Quinn, You are quite the package!! Pace maker off and you are zooming on your own. You've been a surprise since the beginning. Keep going. You are loved by so many. Prayers are being answered.

Grandpa Al

Anonymous said...

What is exactly NORMAL???? I think Quinn is redifinig.

Anonymous said...

Well, I believe in Christmas Miracles.... and this gives us just another reason to be joyous and inspired by the strength of the human spirit and the power of love.
Dan, by God, did you pick the most fitting name for your son, before he was even born.

Anonymous said...

Prayers are being answered... we are so happy for you.

Anonymous said...

God Bless you all we have been preying for Quinn from a tiny village in france and will continue to pray for a COMPLETE RECOVERY.... GOD SAID WE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS AND NOW QUINN IS SHOWING US HOW ! THANKYOU QUINN

Anonymous said...

I threw my hands up in the air when I found out! That is so awesome. I think Quinn is here for surprise after surprise....


Lily's Mommy said...

Quinn, you are such an amazing little boy. You inspire me every day. And so do your parents.
Much love,
Kelly & Shawn

Anonymous said...

Well Little Quinn,
For the first time In my life someone actually gave me what I really wanted for Christmas. Thank you Jesus And thank you Baby Quinn for answering my prayers. Now continue to heal so you can drink some of the good stuff your Mom has been saving for you!!! Merry Christmas and Continued Blessings for the New Year. Love The Rosado's

Karra said...

Quinn, Grandma Barbara asked me to pass along a message to you from her, "I'm technologically impaired, but I love you and think about you every minute." She also made comments about how strong, amazing, and loved you are. She loves you so much. She wishes she could post messages for you, but instead, she goes and visits you just about every week.

Lots of love Bean~ Aunt Karra

Tracey said...

Great news!! Quinn really goes for the drama, waiting until the very last moment to throw a curveball. Should be fun as a teenager!! (evil laughter echos in the background...)

I'm very happy for all of you and moved by you as always.

Anonymous said...

Hey ya'll! This is Nina from Georgia peeping in to say hi to the family and see how the champ is doing. Hang in there Cousin Dan and Steph. I hope to see you guys in April.