Saturday, December 02, 2006

Figured it out

The photo upload problem. Just needed a little computer savvy and expertise. So this was his eye yesterday, it probably looks better than how I made it sound. I accidentally let the flash rip on the poor guy for one of the pics. Nice going pops.

Joe..."This is great shot Mav I should be a photographer."

This kid's got me proud of him for crying and pooping his diaper. Crap yourself champ! You can do it! It just means he's working normal. I never thought I'd meet a baby who couldn't poop or cry. I always thought those were some of the main purposes in an infants life.

This is what mom does when dad is in the room.

Quinn has more visitors today. Auntie and grampa. It's good to know how many people are standing by to spoil this little man when he gets out of here. I plan on having him suffer through all of this and be spoiled before he remembers anything.

As for those of you asking for a hospital address. I need to mention that there are not a lot of outside items permitted into the nursery. Flowers, balloons, baked goods. We would have to find another place to store them if they were sent here. So in the way of a helpful suggestion, those of you hoping to send gifts or whatnot, save the trip to the store and just put the money in an envelope. I won't be offended... In all seriousness, I know there are people wanting to send gifts, but we just wouldn't have a place to put them at this point. The address for the hospital:

Quinn Marshall
Children's Hospital Boston
300 Longwood Ave.
Boston MA, 02115

His heart surgery is still on for Monday. I just got word from the doctor that he will have the tube going up his nose to his stomach removed at some point today. That's great. He'll have a naked face.


Anonymous said...

He is sooo cute. Good to here that he is doing well.


Anonymous said...

Steph and Dan

It was great to be able to hold my grandson. I'm glad I went to visit before the heart surgery because after the surgery, it will be a while before I can hold him again. I wish Alen could have held him as well. Grandmotheres are great, but grandpas add and essential flavor to a childs life. I didn't think I was going to be so eger to be involved, but I am ready to have fun and spoil him along with the other grandparents. He is a special individual and both of you can take some credit for that. I look forward to doing things with him in the future, fishing, soccor etc.

I was impressed with the facilities at the Boston hospital. It is brite, roomy and clean. I think Quinn is in the best possible place for this time in his life. Prayers and best wishes to the three of you and I'm looking forward to holding my grandson again, as soon as possible.

By the way, post the picture of me holding him. I want him to be able to see it when he gets older.

Grandpa Dan