Monday, December 04, 2006

Not so fast

Heart surgery has been postponed. Quinn vomited just in the nick of time. He waited until the the team of doctors and nurses had him in the operating room and under anesthesia. I say just in the nick of time because if he had vomited during the surgery, it would have been a potential catastrophe. Something is not right with his stomach. Since he has started eating, he has been in pain. He now has a certain tolerance to morphine so it doesn't offer as much relief anymore. And even though he was pooping his diaper, his stomach has become distended. He is back from the O.R. and the doctors will need to figure out what is happening in his stomach, and monitor his lungs to see if any stomach bile made it's way in there.
Fortunately, Quinn is in a relatively healthy state and can afford to hold off on heart surgery. Grandparents made the trip up to Boston to be with us in the family waiting room, only to be turned back after an hour into the operation. The doctors will be deliberating on the next move over the next couple of days while Quinn is monitored. For now, the doctors will leave in the multiple lines and respirator inserted for the operation. So he doesn't look as he did this morning.
Steph will not be breast feeding him again for a while. She must go back to her painfully familiar pump. Quinn will be back on IV nutrients until they can figure out what the deal is with his stomach, and then the operation will happen which further prevents breast feeding. This morning, she and I spent some final moments with him before he went off to the O.R.
I'd have preferred to have gotten this over with, but with what happened, we'll have to wait and see. We're both thankful nothing big went wrong. Steph's frustration at what he's having to endure is mounting, but she keeps herself together very admirably and intelligently. The support from friends and family, and good people we've never met have been mounting also. So I'll complain about nothing, and keep hoping for the better days ahead. I still think my son is in the best situation, given his circumstance.


tripetybuu said...

I have read your blog and it made me cry so much, I just wanted to say that I think you are so brave and little Quinn is very lucky to have such strong parents.

I love the pictures of you together and you have a very beautiful baby.

I really hope he gets better

Anonymous said...

Dan & Steph,
It's so great to be able to hear/read about updates on baby Quinn. Baby Quinn is such a strong fighter and it's inspiring to know that family, friends and others continue to join hands in prayers for baby Quinn's progress.
We had the Jack family christmas gathering (12.02.06) and we prayed for baby Quinn and you, the parents and all of us who have a part in baby's upbringing - to have a prayerful attitude in all the days of our lives. So much of this attitude is already lived and seen in baby Quinn.
"...I'll complain about nothing," Dan said. I admire you for your courage and strength for your wife and son and the rest of us. We pray God keeps you well to keep the faith.
with loving/caring prayers,
Pat, Rensper, Elwihse & Renaldo

Anonymous said...

Steph - I had a thought:

I don't know if this has been suggested to you yet or not, but have you considered eliminating foods from your diet that may upset Quinn's tummy? His digestive system is very sensitive right now, and I wonder if the problems he had today with vomiting, tummy pain and distended belly might have something to do with that?

Foods to consider eliminating are:
Dairy (milk, cheese), spices & seasonings, cinnamon, chocolate, onion, garlic, gassy veggies like peppers & broccoli, citrus and acidic foods like oranges/orange juice and tomatoes/tomato sauce.

I know that doesn't leave alot that you can eat, but it made such a difference for my Mary. And it's only a temporary sacrifice until his digestive system recovers.

Steph, you amaze me with your strength. You've been rolling 20's on your fortitude checks since day one of this ordeal. You'll make it through this, but if you ever feel like you can't, I'm here to help you in any way I can.

I love you,