Saturday, December 02, 2006


For some reason, this site is not letting me post any pictures right now, which is too bad cause I just took some. Quinn got his leak check done today on his digestive system. Systems a go. The doctors will meet up in the morning, and he should be able to start eating. Drinking I should say. He'll start getting moms milk through the tube going into his belly. But what an upgrade from IV nutrients I would imagine. Steph has been pumping away for over a week in hopes of things working out. Now she will finally have purpose. Both his grandmothers visited him today all the way from Ledyard CT. Boston childrens hospital is not a convenient place to get to.

Left work today and got to the hospital late in the evening. First thing I noticed was that his face was different. I asked Steph if he had been in a fight with the other kids. His right eye was noticably swolen like someone punched him one. I'll show the pics whenever I can add them. He still looks good, and once he opened his eyes and started looking around, it seems the swelling went down. His crying is getting stronger now. He's crying with some dignity. It is nice hearing him, but I don't think he's a fussy kid. His first week of life has been a house of pain. I tell him he's got better days ahead and to stick with it.

I just let a group of guys from work in on this blog. While I've been receiving compliments and thanks for what I've been writing, these guys are going to read it and think I've been popping estrogin pills. I'm actually not fellas. Just tellin it like it is. The people at work have been great about all this. The project I'm on is right in the midst of kicking into high gear and people are covering for me and offering me any help I might need. They've been telling me I look in good spirits. Hey I just became a dad. At any rate, I can at least tell Quinn everyone at the office is joining the ranks of good people pulling for him.


Pop said...

From Quinn, "HEY!!! This doesn't taste live IV fluid!!!??!!" Love you Quinn. About time you got a real meal.

___l\_____ said...

Dan, I love Quinn.

We have a 16 year old buddy up there who owes us big time, and I'm calling him in on this.

Actually, squeeze Tony for a few miracle drops. Not sure if he has any left after all his close calls. But that stuff is GOLD!

I can hear Moses with his mirrored aviators right now. "Hey man, we coulda' had him. Hey man... we coulda' had him!"

At which point Jesus turns around and grabs him by the collar...

Dan, I love you.
(you estrogen riddled lactating Mother Goose)

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph, Dan and Quinn,

I have been trying for several days to send a message to you, but since I am computer illiterate, I haven't had any luck.
- almost!)
However, I am going to try once more to tell you guys that I am praying very hard for all three of you. Quinn is one cute little guy and has certainly been through a lot. He is a tough little fella and I am sure that everything is going to turn out just fine once that hole in his heart is taken care of.
In the meantime, my love to all of you and give Quinn a kiss for me!

Barbara - (Great Grandma - Almost)

Lily's Mommy said...

Yay, yay and YAY!! So glad that Quinn is getting momma's milk. And that he's found his voice. And that he got to see his grandmas. Sounds like a good day all around. :)
PS. Extra props to Steph for all that pumping - that can be so tough. I know you're happy to do it for Quinn, but still... Nice job! :)