Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tomorrow's the day

Quinn's stomach problems have subsided. The reason for his troubles earlier where due to some combination of trying to eat so much while taking morphine. The drug slowed down his digestive system enough to give him some hefty belly aches with a lot of trapped air. After two days of just IV nutrients and tube venting of his stomach, his abdomen is no longer swollen. The collapsing of his veins limit the life span of existing IV lines, so Quinn still spends his nights being a miserable pin cushion. Yes he does fight off the needles, silently kicking and swinging for all he's worth. He clearly wants no part of this painful business. He has one IV remaining in his right arm, but the medical staff tried to insert a few more for better access to medicating him. He has established a reputation in the nursery of breaking the success streaks of IV teams.
Heart surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Mom's been hanging with him all day while I was at work.

When I got to the hospital, I found my mother paying a visit and sitting with Quinn, so I took Steph to this nice Italian restaurant across the street for dinner. She is nervous about tomorrow. I told her not to worry. Quinn's a tough little machine and people have survived worse. That's when she said "yeah but very strong people have died from much less." Steph has a rare tendency to make points that can catch me off guard.

Since being in an intensive care unit, I've heard so many fantastic success stories of infants who have undergone all types of heart surgeries. Quinn has a few other surgeries that complicate his case, but I think he's capable of everything these doctors are expecting and hoping of him. Spending time with him and looking at him has really made me confident he can face what is coming. I'm aware of what blind optimism is, and this is not it. The odds are well in his favor here, and getting to know the little man over the past two weeks, I can say he's definitely no quitter. I don't think it's silly of Steph to worry. I think all mothers worry. But for me, getting to watch how he's dealt with and overcome everything so far has become a big source to my calmness about tomorrow.
I still have to wish you the absolute best possible luck on this son. I've got nothing on you when it comes to facing surgery. You've been going under the knife like I've been going to the barbershop. Do well and you'll calm everyone down. So many people are pulling for you.


Anonymous said...

May God grant the doctors a steady hand, and give Quinn the strength to have a successful day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dan and Steph and beautiful baby Quinn, I am certain that Quinn was given the best parents a baby could ever ask for. Your strength through this is amazing to me. I am getting to know you by reading this blog and I am certain that you 2 will be able to handle anything life throws at you. Even so I am utterly amazed at your willingness to keep everyone updated. I am sure this is a very painful time for you both but please know you have a ton of people like me storming the heavens for an answered pray for the liitle Prince Quinn. I know Quinn has a long road ahead but he has shown that he can handle this challenge. This little blessing God has given you will change your life In so many ways. Love becomes a whole diffent meaning when you have your own child, experince that to the fullest. And continue to hold each other tightly. Your love will carry you through. Today I pray that Jesus work through the hands of the surgeons to fix Quinn's precious little heart and continue to heal whatever else Is causing him problems "Nothing is Impossible with God!" I am also asking the Lord to send his holy angels to protect and watch over your little guy. Peace and a multitude of Blessings continue to pour out on you and your whole family Maria Rosado

Anonymous said...

Steph and Dan,

Quinn is our hero! He's only been in this world for 2 weeks and a day and he's got so much more of a fight than lots of people that have been here longer.So many people love and support you three - I'm sure Quinn can sense it. Our thoughts and prayers are with you for tomorrow. This has been a challenge for all three of you, but you have been so courageous and positive since day one. Keep up your positive energy for baby Quinn.

Lots of love,

Suzanne and Clay

Alex and Jessica Bariso said...

We are praying for you.
Quinn is a strongh little man, he will do fine.
Your new friend
Jess B.

Steph did you get the packet I send you??

Anonymous said...

Dan and Steph
I am Kristin's friend Louie in Florida. I just want you to know that Steve and I are with you today and in the days following. Quinn sounds like a strong and determined young man who can beat this thing, and our prayers are with you, Quinn and all the doctors and nurses. God bless you all.
Steve and Marian Salley

Lily's Mommy said...

We are praying for Quinn every day, but with extra voracity today. And our thoughts are with you guys in the waiting room too, as I imagine the waiting must be the hardest part.

We love you!!
~Kelly, Shawn & Lily

Anonymous said...

Dan and Steph,

Thanks so much for keeping us all in the loop. It's great to be able to keep up to date with out having to pester Dan all the time!!

My wife and I are amazed and inspired by you guys. You have our best wishes and prayers.


Anonymous said...

How Amazing!!! One so small and stronge. The Amazing Power of God. I ask of the Lord today to guide all things for Quinn and that the Lord's will be done. How can people think they are in charge of their life. So many strive for better jobs, more money and power. We have no power without God. He is the power. Belieive in Him as He believes in us. He loves us beyond measure for He willing gave His son to us. You have been blessed with Quinn and Quinn has blessed all of us. What a miracle to remind all of us what is the most important in life is life, love, beleif and the depths in which we feel these emotions. Thank you for sharing your miracle and giving so many people the opportunity to redirect their lives because of the strenth and determination of one so small. Quinn has already touched and changed so many lives, more so than most people would in a lifetime. He has a purpose and God's devine hand directs that purpose. My prayers are with Quinn, Steph, Dan and all of the family throughout the day. May God's will be done in Jesus name.
Sarah - Virginia