Sunday, December 17, 2006

Nice weekend

Other than a few hiccups, Quinn spent most of the weekend very calm as compared to last week. Maybe it had something to do with all the pretty ladies holding him and giving him undivided attention all day long.

Sounds like a great weekend for any guy. Quinn was that a good time or what?

He smiles during his sleep, and what a difference it makes from seeing a furrowed brow over the past few weeks. My patience with keeping the camera at the ready is paying off. The doctors have yet to decide when to put a pacemaker in, or what size device they will use. They are still hoping and waiting for the swelling in his repaired intestinal area to go down. Last week we were told the surgical team was aiming for a Monday operation, but they haven't committed to it yet. Meanwhile Quinn is still very hungry and cries like any other hungry baby. He still only gets IV nutrients and has to contend with having a constant empty belly. That's why I was surprised to see him so well mannered over the weekend.

I expect that the next few days will be pretty quiet since all we are doing is waiting to see how Quinn progresses. I don't anticipate any big news other than his healing status. Steph and I finally got away this weekend to go up the street a few blocks and catch a movie. Do not see Apocalypto if you are a new parent. The film is not advertised for the content that is most disturbing. It showed graphic violence towards infants. I can't believe our luck in picking a movie. It kind of put the damper on my date with Steph. Oh well. She and I have kind of gotten good at getting over things quickly. We came back to see our kid sleeping peacefully with his grandparents watching him. I'm sure he had a better time than we did.


Tracey said...

I win for first comment!! :-) Yay for date night, although it sucks that the movie was distressing. But you have happy, smiling, sleeping, gorgeous baby to go back to!! Love seeing the pictures, he just keeps getting cuter!!

Toby said...

Oh my goodness, those are the cutest hiccups ever! I am so happy you guys got a date night, a little time together is important. His precious smile is so contagious, I smile seeing it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph and Dan,
A date? That's great! What a cutie.

Anonymous said...

Dan & Steph,
Hang in there guys, God has all of you in the palm of his hand! Don't worry you'll have your munchkin all to yourself soon.
~Stephanie (Dull) Holcombe

Anonymous said...

What a smile! I love seeing more and more cute pics of Quinn. I am glad to hear you guys got out a bit, even though the movie wasn't that good.It's so nice to see all the family that's come to the hospital.

Keep us posted.

love - Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Wow...Quinn's only 3 weeks old and you've already had a date? Not bad! One more date and you've caught up to us!

Anonymous said...

Danny, Stef, and baby Quinn-
I've been meaning to comment earlier and hadn't been able to figure out how until now! My thoughts are with you, my mom has been keeping me updated a little, but this blog is fantastic. I have been thinking a lot about how difficult it is to be a new parent, let alone go through everything you are both going through now! Too bad the movie was a downer- sometimes those stupid, inane, comedy movies are the best at times like this. From what I can tell, Quinn is quite a fighter and looks like he will carry this strength with him throughout his life. Hugs and kisses, thoughts and prayers to you all.


Robin Shaw said...

Hey guys: I inquired at your hospital about the availability of kangaroo care. I got an email today today saying that your NICU does have it, and you can inquire about it up on your unit if you're interested!

Steph, I think I mentioned the concept of kangaroo care regarding premies, but it's also excellent for infants with issues such as Quinn's. Theoretically it speeds the healing process immensely! And it can be with either you or Dan!

Just wanted to pass that suggestion along! Kisses for Quinn!


GoQuinnGo said...

Sweet! Echo! Hi cuz! You should know that Dan and Steph had themselves one awesome little guy. It's hard to see in the pictures, but man he is tough. When you meet him in person, you'll see what I mean. He acts as if all that has happened to him was just another stroll in the park. His big pretty eyes don't show frustration, they show life. That's Mighty Quinn.

Anonymous said...

It's so neat to hear his hiccups! He just makes me smile! Talk about smile, he looks so much like his uncle Tony with that smile. Is he handsome or what!

Glad you two could have some time-out together. When Quinn comes home, as much as you will want to spend all your time with him, you will need to take some "time-out" now and then! Just let me know when and I'll be there to baby-sit, OK? remember, I'll need plenty of time to get there so Plan Ahead! Would love to see y'all!

Love, Aunt Nik

Anonymous said...

Mighty Quinn those are the cutest hiccups I have ever heard. You are a cutie I love the new pictures. You are all such and inspiration.