Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Silent night

I suppose it's no worse than being mute, but Quinn has had to learn again that crying is merely a privilege. And as it is for him, so is a good night of peace. The X rays from last night showed a little bit of stomach bile got into his left lung, which doesn't necessarily equate to infection or pneumonia, but the risk is there. His tight swollen belly kept him awake and temperamental throughout the night. So did the multiple visits from the IV teams. Last night was another one to forget for the little man.

"My arms hurt."

"My legs hurt."

"And I've been getting Tylenol through suppository! Where's the justice!? Tell me there's more to the world pop."

Well son, life has it's up and down days. But there's definitely more to the world. Right Mom?


Lily's Mommy said...

Sweet Quinn,
We were so hoping that your tummy problems were just the result of getting used to "real food". It's heartbreaking to read that you've had a little set-back. But I know your awesome momma & daddy and the amazing doctors there are going to help you over this hump quickly. Can't wait to see your sweet face without all those tubes again.
Kelly & Shawn

Lily's Mommy said...

Look what I found while "cruising" blogs today...

People all over the place are pulling for you Quinn!

Tracey said...

Quinn looks about ready to punch (or kick) those mean IV people!! I guess they are there to help him, but it looks like he doesn't think so!!

I hope you guys are hanging in there ok and can appreciate the care Quinn is getting despite the ups and downs. All the love and attention you provided before and after he was born is giving him the strength to get so darn MAD at the IV people!!
Keepin' on checkin' the blog,

paulinda said...

We're still with you, Quinn. You are going to show everyone the real stuff you are made of.

Dan and Steph, Your example of what love really is needs to be shown to all the world. So many peole need to know what it is that makes real Moms and Dads.

Our love and all of the spiritual strength we can muster goes out to you.

Great Grand Pa Paul and, Linda and Paula

Pop said...

Remember when I said I felt so bad for Quinn because he doesn't even get a vote in all this? And you said he gets his vote in his own way. I think you're right and Quinn voted for no surgery right then.

You continue to demonstrate tremendous strength. I talked with your dad just a few moments ago. Two fathers who are very proud of their children and two Grandfathers whose thoughts are with Quinn and the two of you.
The picture of you, Dan, and Quinn is just the best! I pray for the three of you for strength to push through this until you can all go home and live like normal new parents and babies do.


The Keenans said...

Hi there-
All three of you are so inspiring to me. Hang in there - with all of these prayers and good thoughts for Quinn, I know he'll be home soon. We're all pulling for you out here in California...
Take care,
Becky Keenan

Anonymous said...

Dear Quinn,

My beloved nephew. I've waited so long to see your precious face. And now here you are, showing us all so much more than how handsome you are.

To know how you are struggling, the pain that you are quietly enduring, makes my heart heavy. I want to reach into these pictures, disconnect the tubes and wires, scoop you into my arms and take you away where no one can hurt you. I want to sing you to sleep and let you wake up in my arms looking at my face, not a stranger's.

I wish that I could show you how much I love you right now. But since I can't be there with you, I'll just have to save up all of the kisses, hugs and lullabyes for another time.

I have known many strong people in my lifetime Quinn, but none as strong as you. I love you.

Aunt Kristin

Anonymous said...

Hello Quinn, I have a gift for you. I'll give it to you very soon. I love you.

Go Quinn Go!